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4 Vital Reasons to Use Truly Natural Cleaning Products in Your Home

Nov 2, 2020

4 Vital Reasons to Use Truly Natural Cleaning Products in Your Home
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Cleaning product pop quiz!

Do you really know what’s in your hand soap, laundry detergent, dish soap, and all-purpose cleaners? What you’re spraying on the kitchen counter, pouring into the laundry, and lathering up on your hands matters, and the dirty truth is that most of the eco-friendly products on shelves today—including ones marketed as plant-based, clean products—are filled with ingredients you don’t want anywhere near your food, skin, and loved ones. 

Read your labels—on everything!

So many of us are reading labels and questioning what’s in the boxes and bottles on the food and drink shelves at the supermarket, but there are a lot of good reasons to bring that same diligence to the boxes and bottles in the cleaning aisle. 

Ingredients Matter when it comes to indoor air quality and lung health.

Studies from the EPA show the air inside your house can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside! While the government can regulate toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds, common sources of air pollution) in products used outdoors, the EPA has no authority to regulate household products that impact indoor air quality. What’s more, companies aren’t legally required to list their toxic ingredients on their labels, which makes it so hard to know what you’re actually using at home. Frustrating, right? International studies show that these toxic VOCs can cause asthma, allergies, bronchial irritation, and even permanent lung damage.

Ingredients Matter to your skin.

Your skin works hard, protecting you all day long from letting too much of the outside get inside. But it can’t do everything. In fact, it takes just 26 seconds for some chemicals in your hand soap, dish soap, and laundry detergent to enter your bloodstream—and much less time than that to irritate your skin. Almost all “natural” and “eco-friendly” products use synthetic detergents that can cause skin irritation and exacerbate eczema.

Ingredients Matter because some—but not all—natural products are better for the environment.

Choosing biodegradable soap and other truly clean products can reduce the long-term impact your choices have on the planet, and many nontoxic products are made using methods that lessen manufacturing air pollution, water pollution, and solid waste. The verdict is still out on whether many natural cleaning products have a real impact on the health of our shared home, but our products are made with a promise: we’re using natural soap, not synthetic detergents, and we refuse to use synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, dyes, parabens, phosphates, brighteners, or any other ingredient shortcuts. Plus, we use totally biodegradable soap in all of our products, and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable!

Ingredients Matter, and they can clean as well as the conventional products!

Many folks shy away from alternative cleaning products because they’re note sure they’ll do the job. And at the end of the day, we know people need products that really clean! At Ingredients Matter, we know natural soap. And we know it works. Our founder is a third-generation soapmaker whose family has over 75 years making products the right way. (And they simply wouldn’t have been in business this long if natural soap products weren’t effective.) Every Ingredients Matter product is designed, formulated, and manufactured in the USA by our own team—so we can personally guarantee our ingredients are as clean and effective as we say they are. 

Convinced to ditch the toxic cleaners under your sink?

Go the extra mile with Ingredients Matter. While many “natural” and plant-based cleaners are better than their toxic conventional counterparts, almost all of them are still made with synthetic detergents produced using petroleum in a complex industrial process. When did it become okay to call that natural? We don’t use any of these dirty ingredients—instead, we make our products with natural soap! Soap is the original natural household cleaner, and our naturally gentle soap-based products (from laundry soap and all-purpose cleansers to hand soap and dish soap) are made in the USA from coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils and other simple ingredients using chemistry that has been around for thousands of years. Soap is back!


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