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How to Launder Sweaters and Knits

Sep 20, 2022

How to Launder Sweaters and Knits
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Sweater weather is officially here, and we’re ready to curl up next to the fireplace. This year, we’re focusing on investment clothing pieces, so want to make sure we’re taking good care of our sweaters.

Most knits keep their shape best when washed by hand.

  • Dissolve laundry soap in enough warm water to fill a sweater-sized container or your laundry tub (one scoop should be plenty).

  • Turn sweaters inside out and submerge.

  • Soak for 15-20 minutes.

  • Do a little hand agitating after sweaters have soaked.

  • Refill tub with clean water, rinse sweaters thoroughly.

  • Remove excess water by wrapping sweaters in a towel and squeezing out moisture (like making mozzarella cheese) – don’t wring out like one of those string mops.

  • Lay flat to dry. A mesh drying surface works best.

Don’t have the time or patience for a hand-wash?

  • If laundering in a washing machine, wash sweaters in their own cycle on delicate.

  • Using our laundry soap to cold water wash? Try dissolving one scoop laundry soap in 8 ounces warm water, then pour mixture directly into the washer drum.

  • Lay sweaters flat to dry.

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