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Just How Sustainable Are Your Fashion Habits?

Jan 18, 2022

Just How Sustainable Are Your Fashion Habits?
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The sustainability trend is gaining momentum every year, and we love seeing so many people and brands take up the cause. But replacing all your fast fashion clothes with new, expensive, sustainable options isn't the best (or only) way to make your wardrobe more sustainable. Here are a few good ways to up your sustainable fashion game.

Wear What You Have
This is a tough one for a lot of us (this author included), but if your closet is bursting with past purchases, keep them in your rotation and find new ways to style those items. Pins, broaches, scarves, and jewelry can help accessorize old pieces to give them new life.

Fix What You Have
Does anyone else have a chair piled high with things that need mending? It's time to tackle it or bring those pieces to a local Tailor or clothing repair person. If sewing isn't your strong suit, iron-on patches, well-placed pins, and raw cropped hems are very in and easy ways to make something work for a few more years.

Launder Better
Laundry can be daunting, we know, but spending just a little more time laundering a few items by hand, air drying, and separating clothes can make a huge impact on the life of your clothes. What you wash in can also make a difference for both your clothing and the planet.

Shop Thrift, Consignment, and Vintage
Fashion is cyclical, and most things you or your mom wore back in the 80s and 90s are having a major resurgence. You can find great condition vintage Levi's, Doc Martens, and Champion crewnecks at local thrift and vintage stores. Don't have time to swing into a local stop that could be hit-or-miss? Etsy, Depop, and Poshmark are fantastic places to find gently used or vintage items.

When items are beyond repair, many fabrics can take on a second life in the form of household rags (we're trying to use fewer paper towels anyway, right?). You can also break down fabrics and textiles for use as quilt squares, doll blankets, or napkins (just put a little hem on the sides).

Give Away
Maybe an item is in great shape but you're not going to wear it again and you don't have time to plan a yard sale or sell it through a service like Poshmark. Time to consider giving it away. Many neighborhoods have Buy Nothing groups, where you can post items you'd like to give away. Gently used clothes can also be donated to organizations like Dress for Success.

Need a visual? We love this infographic from Fashion Revolution showing perception vs. reality when it comes to sustainable fashion.  

Sustainable Fashion infographic from Fashion Revolution Canada
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