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Eco Friendly Laundry Tips to Protect Your Planet

Apr 27, 2021

Eco Friendly Laundry Tips to Protect Your Planet
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How we do our laundry has an impact on our energy usage, aquatic life, contribution to pollution, and skin health. The average person does five loads of laundry per week which equates to 168 pounds or 76 kilograms worth of polluting substances going into a landfill each year from one household alone.

While there are many different ways to wash clothes these days, not all of them are eco-friendly. Here are just a few ways you can help the planet while doing your laundry.

Wash your clothes in cold water 

cold water wash

Washing in cold water saves you 60% more energy than washing in warm or hot water because it takes less time to dry your clothes and your washer doesn't have to expend energy heating water. But how clean do your clothes get with a cold water wash?

A study conducted by the Laundry List Organization (LLO) found that washing clothes in cold water is just as effective at removing bacteria and other harmful substances as those washed in hot or warm water. 

Use a front-loading washing machine

The front-loading washing machine is the way to go if you're looking for a more energy-efficient option. Front loading machines use about half as much water and electricity as top-loaders, since gravity is key in agitating the laundry.

front load washing machine

Front-loading washing machines not only use less water and electricity than top-loaders but there's also much less rubbing against the agitator inside. This means that your clothes will last longer because they're being washed in a gentler environment.

Line dry your clothes instead of using the dryer

We're in the northern US, so the line-drying season is short for us, but as the weather warms we'll be air-drying our laundry outdoors. It's a major cost saver and the sun does a great job at giving clothes that "just out of the dryer" feel without damaging them in the process.

line dry clothing

Line drying also extends the life of garments because it lets air circulate against laundry while tossing and tumbling in a dryer causes more wear-and-tear. In the colder months, drying clothes on indoor drying racks can add humidity to your home and cut electric bills.

Use eco-friendly laundry cleaners

Switching from using traditional laundry detergent to natural laundry soap is another way to enjoy longer-lasting clothes and protect the planet at the same time. Natural soap is a much healthier product for your family, too! Look for an eco-friendly detergent or soap that is safe for aquatic life, biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

wool dryer balls

Traditional fabric softeners often just coat clothing in chemicals that can be irritating to sensitive skin or allergy sufferers. Instead, fabric softener alternatives like wool dryer balls are a great choice as they're eco-friendly and last much longer than traditional dryer sheets.

Our laundry soap powder is made simply with coconut soap flakes, salts, and natural fragrances, like lavender and lemongrass. It's free from sulfates, potential carcinogenic ethoxylates, dyes, and artificial brighteners, is hypoallergenic, and Safer Choice Certified.


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