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Eco Friendly Laundry Tips to Protect Your Planet

Apr 27, 2021

Eco Friendly Laundry Tips to Protect Your Planet
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Do you want to protect the planet? If so, then it is time to start thinking about how you do your laundry. The average person does five loads of laundry per week which equates to 168 pounds or 76 kilograms worth of polluting substances going into a landfill each year from one household alone! 

While there are many different ways that people wash clothes these days, not all of them are eco friendly. Here are some eco friendly laundry tips that will help you save money and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in our environment!

Wash your clothes in cold water 

Although it may be counterintuitive, washing your clothes in cold water will help save energy and money. In the United States, we spend over $80 billion per year on laundry expenses. This is a lot of wasted power that could be better utilized in other ways!

cold water wash

Cold water saves you 60% more energy than warm or hot water does because it takes less time to dry your clothes as opposed to washing in other temperatures. But how clean do your clothes get washing in cold water?

A study conducted by the Laundry List Organization (LLO) found that washing clothes in cold water is just as effective at removing bacteria and other harmful substances than those washed in hot or warm water. 

Use a front-loading washing machine

The front-loading washing machine is the way to go if you're looking for a cheaper and more energy efficient option. Front loading machines use half as much water and electricity than top-loaders, saving you even more money in your monthly bills!

front load washing machine

Front-loading washing machines are the bees knees of laundry! Not only do they use less water and electricity than a top-loader, but there's also much less rubbing against the agitator inside. This means that your clothes will last longer because they're being washed in a gentler environment!

Line dry your clothes instead of using the dryer

The next time you go to do your laundry, try line drying instead of using the dryer. You'll save money and reduce pollution! The sun does a great job at giving clothes that "just out of the dryer" feel without damaging them in process.

line dry clothing 

Line drying also extends their life because it lets air circulate against clothing, while tossing and tumbling in a dryer causes more wear-and-tear on clothes. Drying clothes on indoor racks can add humidity to your home during winter weather or is a good way for saving cash too.

Use eco friendly laundry detergent and fabric softeners

Switching from using traditional laundry detergent to natural laundry soap is another way to enjoy longer-lasting clothes and protect the planet at the same time. Natural soap is a much healthier product for your family, too! Look for an eco friendly detergent that is biodegradable, phosphate free and contain no petrochemicals or phosphates.

wool dryer balls

Traditional fabric softener often just coat clothing in chemicals which can be irritating to sensitive skin or allergy sufferers. Instead, use a natural fabric softener like vinegar or baking soda. Another great alternative to fabric softener is using wool dryer balls, which are not only eco friendly but also last much longer than traditional dryer sheets!

Are you looking for a laundry cleaner that is good for your clothes, you and the earth?

We know you care about what goes on and in your body just as much as we do. That's why our laundry soap powder is made with only the best natural ingredients like coconut flakes, without palm oils or other synthetic chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin types. We don't use any artificial perfumes or dyes because they contain harsh substances which may be harmful to both people and animals alike!

Our fragrance free laundry soap flakes will clean your clothes without leaving behind any residue or buildup so they stay fresh longer! And it's hypoallergenic so it won't irritate sensitive skin either!

Changing the way you do laundry is a great way to implement eco friendly changes that will have a positive impact on your life and our planet. Washing your clothes in cold water, using front loading machines, line drying clothes and changing your detergent and fabric softener to more natural based products will not only make your clothes cleaner but it will also help protect our planet.

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