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Antimicrobial Hand Soap is the Answer to Staying Healthy in 2020

Sep 8, 2020

Antimicrobial Hand Soap is the Answer to Staying Healthy in 2020

Hand soap will save the world, but don't take our word for it.

In the words of Bill Nye the Science Guy, "Soap is freaking amazing to me. One end of the soap molecule sticks to the virus. The other end sticks to the water. It’s amazing." Can we get a hell yeah!?

At Ingredients Matter, we've been so grateful to be able to provide natural hand foaming castile soap in this time when everyone is washing their hands more than ever.

Antimicrobial soap (yes, plain natural hand soap is antimicrobial!) is such a simple, effective way to protect yourself from viruses and all kinds of baddies. And we don't think you need to add a lot of extras to hand soap to make it effective. Our hand soap ingredients are so, so clean and simple—so you're not adding anything nasty like synthetic preservatives or petrochemicals when you lather—and we know that the moisturizing factor is a big one when we're washing a hundred times per day. So let's give thanks to soap. It really will save the world (and our skin).

Some big changes are coming from Ingredients Matter in the coming months.

We're still going to be offering eco-friendly cleaning products, but we'll be focusing our attention on our natural laundry soap powder and some new natural laundry products (hint: fragrance free laundry stain remover sticks are coming) as we transition other products to low-plastic and plastic-free delivery.

That means you'll still be able to find our wool dryer balls and fragrance free laundry detergent soap powder (our amazing soap-based alternative to conventional laundry detergent powder) on our online store, but the other natural cleaning products—our soap alternative to dishwasher detergent, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, and hand soap—will be offline for a bit while we reimagine a more sustainable packaging future for Ingredients Matter.

Why the focus on laundry soap powder?

#1, it works SO well. #2, it comes in a paper bag in a cardboard box, which is way friendlier for the planet. Ingredients Matter, but so does what those ingredients are packaged in! So stay tuned for some exciting news about our lavender, lemongrass, and unscented laundry soap—we think you're going to be as excited as we are.

Long story short: stock up on lemongrass hand soap, lavender hand soap, and peppermint hand soap while you can!

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